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San Francisco is one of the most beautiful cities in the United States. This is a city with very short, bright and unique history and diverse population. San Francisco has repeatedly made its way into the history books, and has become one of the most famous cities in the world.

We arrived to San Francisco in December of 1991, and immediately fell in love with this unique city. When leaving Moscow, there was a bone chilling frost, snow storms throughout, and drifts, while here roses bloomed and exotic flowers blossomed.

Церковь Святого Игнатия в Сан-ФранцискоСан-Франциско Исторический Сторожевой Пост

At first, the architecture of the city made a dual impression on us. On one hand, we were completely enchanted, pulled into the incredible surroundings of the city; on the other hand, its dissimilar style haunted our thoughts, creating an impression of déjà vu. Only after learning the city’s history influenced by the California Gold Rush of the 19th century, we were able to truly appreciate the origins, and accept the style of its architectural eclecticism.

We were fascinated by the diversity of people’s cultures, languages and dialects, and yet to see such a tolerance to each other, despite all the cultural differences and often poor language skills. These people are united by their love for the city and their passion to preserve everything related to the city’s short history. In the city’s museum, for example, one can find the first slot machines also known as one-armed bandits; the city’s beloved football team, dubbed San Francisco 49ers in remembrance of the year 1849 when the Gold Rush began; the city ordinance prohibits demolishing old Victorian buildings of that period.

Many famous people are connected with San Francisco. Among them are Isadora Duncan, famous American dancer and Jack London born in San Francisco; Mark Twain and Bret Harte, writers, who lived and created their masterpieces here; Enrico Caruso, well known Italian tenor often performed here.

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Nowadays, the cultural life is flourishing here. We have a great deal of theaters, studios, and concert halls. Our Opera Theater hosts famous Russian performers such as Anna Netrebko, Dmitri Hvorostovsky and others. Many prominent Russian dancers have been in the cast of the Ballet Theater; our magnificent San Francisco Symphony (SFS) orchestra is conducted by great Michael Tilson Thomas who also has Russian roots. San Francisco often hosts Jazz and Symphony music festivals, but the most popular events have been our "Food and Art Festivals".

San Francisco is located on a beautiful peninsula surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. The staple symbol of our city is the Golden Gate Bridge, which is the second longest suspension bridge in the United States after Verrazano Bridge in New York City, and links city of San Francisco with Marin County.

San Francisco is a unique and breathtaking city. From the famous icon of the Golden Gate Bridge to the exquisite art galleries, the City takes pride in its unrivaled attractions, renowned museums, and its unique neighborhoods which are treasures of its own.

San Francisco, Fairmont Hotel

San Francisco is a city of innovation. We all know about denim jeans (thank you, gold miners) and sourdough bread (yum!), but here are just few other things you probably never knew were invented right here in our fair city: the United Nations was signed into existence in San Francisco in 1945 and Television was invented in SF. On September 7, 1927, the Image Dissector – the prototype camera developed by Philo Farnsworth – transmitted its first image, a simple straight line, at his laboratory at 202 Green Street in San Francisco. Two years later, he sent the first image of a human, his wife, over the airwaves.

If you are ready to visit this paradise on Earth, we will be happy to be your Russian speaking guides of San Francisco, vicinities and other noticeable California places.

Have a safe trip, and we hope to see you soon in San Francisco where eighteen million tourists annually from all over the world leave their hearts.

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