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Fort Ross Tour in Russian Language

Fort Ross
  • Tour Duration: 8-9 hours
  • Private Tour (1-3 people): $400 for the tour
  • Private Tour (4-6 people): $560 for the tour

Fort Ross was the southernmost Russian settlement in North America, built in 1812 and lasting until 1842. On a small point of land in what is now Sonoma County, the Russian settlers built a fort, grew crops and hunted sea otters and seals, naming their settlement "Ross" to honor Russia. During its 30-year history, Fort Ross was home to many California firsts, including the first windmill and first ship built in California, but by the 1820s, marine mammals were over-hunted and crops didn’t do as well as the Fort Ross settlers hoped. In 1842, the Russian American Trading Company sold the whole operation to John Sutter, who took the stock to his fort near Sacramento, and the Russian era in North America came to an end. During the tour to the Fort Ross with our Russian-Speaking guide you will learn the history of the Russian America and enjoy the beauty of the Pacific Coast.

Included in the price:

  • Four-hour excursion of the Fort Ross
  • Russian-speaking escort throughout the journey
  • Transportation
  • Transfer from and to your San Francisco hotel
  • Drinking water and snack